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Who is Access Global?

Access Global Investments, DBA is the corporate advisory practice of Access America Investments, LLC a fund management group focused on the US public listing of growing companies based in the United States and around the world. With over twenty years of experience across dozen of transactions, Access Global has experience in all aspects of the US public listing process including traditional IPO's, re-IPO's, Reverse Mergers, APO's, Direct Filings, US Depositary Listings, and public company restructuring / repositioning through secondary market transactions. The firm can supply bridging capital through proprietary and affiliated funds to assist the going public process and will assist its client companies with the entire US public listing process from its inception through to and including aftermarket support once a company successfully completes its US public listing.

Current Projects

  • American Access Fund

    Access America Fund

    The Access America Fund, LP is a small ($ 22 MM) enabling fund focused on the US public listing via Alternative Public Offering ("APO") of companies based in emerging markets around the world. Historically the fund has invested in companies in China, Brazil, Chile, Greece, Hungary, Mexico, and Panama, supplied the US listing vehicle, and then managed the entire US listing process as lead investor. The fund is fully invested and is currently focused on monetizing its existing investments.

  • Transmessis Logo

    TransMessis Renewable Energy, Inc. is a restart and expansion of an integrated canola crushing and biodiesel production operation located in Odessa, WA. Access Global co-founded this company with industry professionals with deep experience in agribusiness and renewable energy production. The company is currently expanding production from 80 tons of daily crush capacity to approximately 300 tons with a corresponding increase in biodiesel production. In the near term, Access Global will take TransMessis public through a traditional IPO or APO, depending on market conditions.

  • Hellenic Growth & Development Logo

    Hellenic Growth and Development is a Venture Public company focused on the acquisition and development of key pieces of commercial real estate in the nation of Greece. Created by Access Global and positioned for a near term Venture Public Offering ("VPO"), Hellenic Growth is partnering with large, multinational development and construction firms and working with leading stakeholders in the Hellenic Republic of Greece to develop ports, mixed-use commercial properties, and key energy infrastructure in support of the rebirth of Greece through profitable operations.

  • Riverside Energy

    Riverside Energy is a company co-founded by Access Global and industry professionals that is developing niche oil refining and coal processing facilities in the western United States. By utilizing Access' s deep relationships and experience in China, Riverside as secured a construction and financing MOU with global Chinese construction firm for a 20,000 BOPD refinery while currently negotiating an MOU for a multibillion coal gasification facility. Structured as a Venture Public Offering ("VPO"), Riverside is positioned to go public in the US via IPO or APO at the appropriate point in its development.

  • Brand Fertilizer

    Brand Fertilizer is a rapidly growing web development and branding incubator that has engaged Access Global to manage their Venture Public Offering ("VPO"). In this process, Access has identified all of the appropriate professionals necessary to complete all legal and accounting steps required, provided a fully compliant VPO listing vehicle with 463 round lot shareholders, is managing the selection of registered direct offering manager, and is assisting in all other aspects of the process necessary for Brand Fertilizer to complete its VPO and successfully begin trading on the US public markets.

  • Brand Fertilizer

    Oil Stone Energy Services is a design, engineering and construction firm focused on the field midstream segment of the oil and gas exploration and production industry. The company specializes on the construction of pipeline, tankage, and associated infrastructure between the drill site and to gathering station and from the gathering station to plant. Founded and managed by seasoned executives from major E&P and pipeline infrastructure companies, Oil Stone is currently consolidating various companies operating in multiple shale basins in anticipation of an IPO in late 2014. Access Global is assisting Oil Stone in the identification and negotiation of its acquisitions and in the planning and execution of its IPO.